The Good And Bad Of ’13 Reasons Why’

The Good.

  1. The Adaptation.

The show 13 reasons why has been adapted from a book of the same name. (If you didn’t know that already). It has done a very god job trying to adapt the book into a show. They made sure they did not miss any important character or feature.Even though they were a few minor differences that the show chose to feature  yet, the changes were not very major but were noticeable and maybe just MAYBE they had their own reasons to do so. Either to make it more effective or to send out a really strong message.

2. Then and Now.

As we know the show is about swings from the past to the present that we see happening  considerably a lot. Many have been mentioning and have taken keen notice of the color variations in the surroundings and the backgrounds. We are not done just talking about the color and contrast differences that made a mark in the time differences but also the very artful ‘Clay’s injury’ that made an appearance through out the season like as if Clay and the injury were best friend’s and it just did not seem to go away. Many have pointed out that the injury was tactfully placed only to mark the time.

3. Gives out a strong message.

Some people have been talking about it glorifying suicide. Everyone has their own point of view and no one is going to deny that. Some people loved it while others felt like the main character Hanna Baker used suicide as revenge, letting all that aside we want to tell you that yes, it was her own decision but they were reasons why she did what she did and why she thought doing something that horrifying and sad was the only option left. t But there is always another way to make yourself feel better or maybe someone else feel better who you think is going through something this tragic. Probably that’s the reason at the end of season 1 they show Clay trying to strike a conversation with Skye who was his childhood friend and with who he lost contact.

4. There is always a good side to people.

After all the bad the happened to Hanna we can see that some of the people who were on the tapes were not all bad but also had a good side to them (except Courtney, of course!)

Zach was a pretty nice guy, only a few childish acts, made him land up on the tapes, only if he would have been a little more mature the things that happened would not have happened.

Even Justin (even though hated by many) had a dark and sad part of his life which probably was the reason for him to be aggressive in the first place and act out in manners that were not appropriate. The show clearly depicted Justin as a short tempered youngster with many personal family issues.

The bad side

1.Some of the reasons were trivial while the others were not.

Even though, accepted that small things could hurt, humiliate or even destroy people but there were really some very petty things on the list while the others were hugely disturbing and punishable. We just hope there is a season two to finish the undone.

2. Clay taking his own time with the tapes.

Even the most patient person would have gone mad with anxiety and anger watching as clay took his own sweet time finishing the tapes.

Clearly this was not the case in the book as many have stated that Clay Jensen had finished the tapes in merely one night! He took more than four days or probably more considering that the entire season was stretched into thirteen episodes being 56 to 57 minutes each episode. almost an hour!

3. Clay did not deserve  be on the tapes.

Clay was just an innocent kid trying to be a normal teenager , avoiding the wrath of high school who is a shady bitch to everyone. He was always good to Hanna and when we start watching the show with Justin’s tape being on no.1 and  keeping moving down the line with the rest of the tapes, we start to wonder why would clay, such an awkwardly innocent  teenager end up being on a death note of some girl he was always kind to. well even when we reach the 11th  tape (tape 6 side A) which is Clay’s tape, we are still hanging in mid-air when we find no major reason.  Though she does mention the fact that he didn’t deserve to be there. (she could have just made another small set of tapes dedicated to the people who were good to her like Clay and Tony, but no! she just ended up putting clay on the bad set of tapes.) Damn! we kind of feel bad for the squeaky clean imaged kid.

4. Yeah! Jeff did deserve a lot better.