Will there be a throne in Game Of Thrones.

Will there be a throne in the game of thrones?

Well you never know.

The entire show is based on one throne that everyone (well, almost everyone) has eyes on. People think that by Jon snow or Dany or Gendry (yes! Him too) sitting on the throne it might be a happy ending well it might be a happy ending to the show; but in the world of Game of Thrones it will still go on. Which means there might be high chances and possibilities that someone might plot against Jon Snow or Dany (whom so ever might sit on the throne) and get them killed and then again a series of wars and plots and twists will follow which means if there is a throne there is no end.

How will it end then?


No throne, no overpowering and  no killing for the throne.

How and why?

Well that is the THEORY.

Leave it to the fans to over think and form theories of their own.

Elaborate explanation of the theory

There is a huge army “the white walkers” that have a new cool member THE DRAGON!

So it might be tougher to fight off the whites because of  the dragon and secondly the giants.

What can kill the white walkers?

Dragon glass yes!

Valyrian steel, yes.

From all we know, there are few or countable number of  Valyrian steel  swords in the seven kingdoms.

Where are the rest of them?

The throne. Yep!

So the here goes the theory

To defeat the army of the dead they might melt the entire throne down to forge new swords and fight the army. This way everyone stays alive without being turned into a white and also no throne so no wars.

But it’s only just a fan theory. Don’t worry about it too much everything has a knack of falling into place in the game of thrones. Or does it?

Don’t worry too much about it everything always has a way in game of thrones




The Starks reunite!

The Starks were not doing very good for themselves since Ned Stark died (Let’s not talk about his death *cries away*)

Sansa has seen a whole lot of marriages and torture of her own. Rob and Catlyn Stark were killed at The Red Wedding. Jon has gone from being the Brother of the nights watch to Lord commander to King In The North. Phew! long list eh?

Arya has been on the road for a while now. From being a boy to being ‘a girl’ and ‘no one’ all at the same time. Talking about these days it’s like having 5 fake facebook accounts all belonging to one person. Plus lets not forget about the list she has.

Bran has been beyond the wall and going to places without actually going to them. His ability will come of use to him further probably.

But now finally The Starks have reunited. First it being Sana and Jon and Now Jon is away to meet Danny and mine Dragonglass. That’s when Bran comes back and so does Arya who makes her way back home only to be welcomed by guards who don’t believe in her true identity and do not allow her into the castle. So the Starks are together but not completely as Jon is away! but hey! He’s not a Stark! On a serious note If Jon would be there with the others That would be like icing to the cake but Game of Thrones is not all simple and very complex and twisted. Why are we expecting simple things to happen? In the world of The Seven Kingdoms anything can happen

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Could Bran Stark be warging into a dragon?

Bran was the one to be beyond the wall and saw all the   petrifying white walkers  and knows that they are coming. Now he has to go south of the wall and notify everyone about what is coming for them, since winter is already here.

But him going across the wall, would it bring the wall tumbling down?

Maybe not ‘tumbling  down’ but it might just give the walkers access to go to the other side and back. The wall, as mentioned in the book and TV series, numerous number of times is not just like any other wall, it’s made of magical spells that keeps and has been keeping the walkers out for a really long time. The white walkers are coming, on the other hand Daenerys is coming to claim what is hers, or is it?

With Daenerys making her way through the seas and finally being able to bring her plan of taking over the seven kingdoms into action, the idea of having a little meet with Bran Stark or Jon snow does not really look very far-fetched.

They will be war and we know it. Presumably, the war will be in between Cerscei and Daenerys,  but that wont last too long cause someone’s gotta fight the walkers.

In the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ book series, Daenerys is told in the House of the Undying at Qarth that the Targaryen dragon must have three heads which may also mean three dragon riders.



With Bran being a warg and having the power to warg into animals and creatures it might  possibly be a very clear theory that he may also be able to warg into a dragon and control the massive creature.

Does that mean Bran will be warging into a dragon in the coming future?

maybe, yes.

There is a specific reason that George R.R Martin may have given a power like that to one of the Starks for a specific reason, he may have had a plan or something in mind that he wanted to implement in the future.

Please comment down below about what are your expectations from this coming season, season 7 of Game Of Thrones and do you think that Bran may be able to or will be warging into a dragon?


Can Jon Snow be fire resistant?

Game Of thrones has been on everyone’s mind since it started and probably will live for a longer time even after it ends.

With an immensely captivating story and with everyone curious to know exactly what would be the end of this perplex maze we set foot into, there are still a few things that need to happen that we would really enjoy watching.

One of the things for sure many people want to see is our very own Jon Snow being able to do more than he thinks he can, that is probably be resistant to dragon fire.

let’s break it down.

So all we know from the last episode of season 6 is that Jonny boy is none other than Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son and nobody knows that except the very helpless Bran.

So could it be possible that he can come out of dragon fire unharmed?

maybe, may not be. Very honestly the show has always been about plot twists that are out of human imagination and the events that we really don’t anticipate.

There has been a lot of confusion about his name too.

From the very beginning of the show we were led to believe that Lyanna Stark was abducted and taken by Rhaegar Targaryen but there could be a very high possibility that she went with him herself, not exactly making it an abduction.

Now if they got married then Jon Snow is not a ‘Snow’ anymore but to his very usual unfortunate fortune, if they did not get married that leaves him hanging with the name Snow for the rest of his life with not a bit of hope.

But them getting married does not really change the fact that he is a Targaryen and probably might be the mighty unburnt or unburnable (say it as you like it).

We would be really happy with someone else being on command of the dragons or even being able to come out of fire without getting burnt because leaving Danny in charge and fully responsible for the dragons makes us kind of nervous considering the fact that she has killed a lot of people.

This is just one of our most favorite presumption for season 7 of Game Of Thrones, if this theory of Jon Snow being resistant does happen how do you think would it happen?

Please comment down below about what are your expectations from this coming season, season 7 of Game Of Thrones and how would the news of Jon being a Targaryen be broken to him? How would he find out and from whom?


The Trojan war 🐎

Greek mythology is a bunch of stories put together about the Gods and Goddesses and the heroes  that belong to the ancient Greeks. It was a religion in ancient Greece. These tales and legends are always very  fascinating and are really old with being about more than a thousand years of age .

The only thing that Greek Mythology does not answer is whether all the legends really did happen or are they, just as we call them ‘fables’ that has no truth to them, or do they?

Lets talk about one of the most famous stories of all time ‘The Trojan War’ a war that lasted for almost 10 years. The war is famous for a lot of reasons and characters like Achilles , Helen, Paris and hector only to name a few.

The war as stated by some, started due to the golden apple dropped down by Eris, the Goddess of discord. But,according to the others it just a very plane story that Helen was abducted by Paris or was she?

There are a lot of writers and poets who have their own say about what happened. But the very first person to bring about this story was Homer a poet who actually wrote a poem (A really long poem! ) and called it  the ‘Iliad’ and that was the very first time that the happenings and stories of Trojan war had seen the light of the day.

But our speech about good old Homer who illustrated the Trojan war  does not end here. There is a tiny bit of confusion, if Homer was the first poet to write about the Trojan war and before that literally no one ever knew about Trojan war then how did even he find about about something no one knew about? and let’s not forget the fact that he was blind!

Was he present during the Trajan war?

Was someone who he knew very well present during the Trojan war?

Or is it just a fictitious tale that is made up by the poet in his mind?

Now lets get down to the math!

Trojan war took place somewhere in between 1260–1180 BC.

And Homer was born in between 12th and 8th centuries BC.

Now the difference in between these years  is roughly 1000 years.

So basically what we are trying to say is that, the Trojan War happened 1000 years before Homer was even born. So how would he know if something like this even took place with no one else knowing about it and no documents or writings about the event?

How would he know of something that happened  long before he was born? and clearly no one else knew about it as well so there is no way that someone told him about it.

Some people believe that Homer traveled a lot and he heard songs that were apparently sung about these heroes and the Gods and the war itself. He heard a lot of songs that were all just pieces of the story. Each song had small piece in itself. Good old Homer was clever enough to put 2 and 2 together, and get the entire story piece by piece and put them together to formulate this long war narrative. The songs seemingly were sung thousands of years ago during the war to appreciate the heroes and the Gods and these songs were carried along with the generations gone by and thus Homer being one of them to have heard it.

They say that if you ever visit certain places where homer lived you will still get to hear the songs even to this day.

We want to know your opinions.

How do you think homer found out about the Trojan war?

it really by the songs he heard or was it a mere story he made up?

Everything You Have To Know About Riverdale.

Riverdale is an American show based on the characters created and portrayed by the Archie Comics.

The show gets its name ‘Riverdale’ from the town Archie and his friends live in.


The story line of Riverdale starts with a narrative voice that we later learn belongs to Jughead. The show starts on a mysterious note based on the murder of a boy named Jason Blossom and everyone is a suspect.

Just about everyone seems to be having  something to hide or has some fishy business going on that peep out as unusual.



Jughead our favorite character is the only one with a straight head trying to chalk things out and make head or tail out of the stories that all seem to be connected to one thing that is Jason’s murder. (and yes! that is Cole Sprouse and he is awesome!) There is a moment or two when we really feel very sentimental and emotional for Jughead when he has nowhere to go or is stuck in the middle of a situation which he is not responsible for. Jughead is always looking out for people and wants no one to be hurt but the ill-fated Juggy ends up getting hurt himself by strangers or even by his own friends and family (the time his father made promises and did not keep his word or the time when he called his mother up for some help and she instantly refused and tuned him down) At the end we see that Archie and Betty have his back. Even though he was upset with them, he very quickly forgives them even though they hurt him pretty bad.


Archie who is another main character seems to be living a normal teenage life. He in the beginning of the show is seen trying to juggle football and his new found love for music which his father detests at first but later reconciles seeing that his skills are pretty good at the guitar after all.

We were expecting Archie to be a more active sleuthster playing along with jughead trying to fish facts out and working together on connecting stories but to our dismay he is very passive and is not seen taking a lot of interest, It is only at the very end that he begins to show a little interest. while most of the time its only Jughead and Betty who seem to be wearing their thinking caps.


Betty is the girl next door kind of person who is very plain.At the very beginning we see that she is obsessed and in love with Archie (but Archie apparently does not like her ‘like that’) later we see Betty develops feelings for Jughead  ( we love the couple and never want it to end) Betty is a nice lovable girl who cares for everyone and sometimes just SOMETIMES the timid Betty takes a stand for herself.


Another main character is veronica that is also seen very often and seems to be quiet nice to everyone (Cheryl blossom included) and is seen frequently with Betty. Veronica also has her own stories and issues with her parents and has a hard time coping with being the new girl at school and trying to figure out the uncanny things her father may or may not have done. The thoughts about her fathers’ doings alone send the poor teenager into a trauma. Because her father (even though not seen through out the season) has done some really menacing things in the past.

Apart from Archie, Jughead, Betty, veronica and Cheryl blossom you will get to see many characters that are in the basic Archie comics.

The stories that you see in the comics don’t exactly match up to the show and even the character sketches that are supposed to be portrayed by the show in accordance with the comics are not very similar either.

For example the comics illustrate very comprehensibly that Jughead is a lazy teenager who is known to perpetrate his work at minimum efforts and is very widely known for his huge appetite. but Riverdale Jughead is an intelligent, hardworking, fast moving and a very witty young man and can be seen only sipping on coffee rather than ravishing burgers. The one thing in common in between the comic book Jughead and the TV series Jughead is the trademark beanie that the character wears. But we love this new version of Jughead.  There are a lot of little changes that you may find in several other characters.


Overall it’s a good show and is doing fairly well. If you are someone who likes mystery and who is penchant towards teenagers wearing the same trademark beanie and orange headed people then let us warn you that its all on Riverdale.


The Good And Bad Of ’13 Reasons Why’

The Good.

  1. The Adaptation.

The show 13 reasons why has been adapted from a book of the same name. (If you didn’t know that already). It has done a very god job trying to adapt the book into a show. They made sure they did not miss any important character or feature.Even though they were a few minor differences that the show chose to feature  yet, the changes were not very major but were noticeable and maybe just MAYBE they had their own reasons to do so. Either to make it more effective or to send out a really strong message.

2. Then and Now.

As we know the show is about swings from the past to the present that we see happening  considerably a lot. Many have been mentioning and have taken keen notice of the color variations in the surroundings and the backgrounds. We are not done just talking about the color and contrast differences that made a mark in the time differences but also the very artful ‘Clay’s injury’ that made an appearance through out the season like as if Clay and the injury were best friend’s and it just did not seem to go away. Many have pointed out that the injury was tactfully placed only to mark the time.

3. Gives out a strong message.

Some people have been talking about it glorifying suicide. Everyone has their own point of view and no one is going to deny that. Some people loved it while others felt like the main character Hanna Baker used suicide as revenge, letting all that aside we want to tell you that yes, it was her own decision but they were reasons why she did what she did and why she thought doing something that horrifying and sad was the only option left. t But there is always another way to make yourself feel better or maybe someone else feel better who you think is going through something this tragic. Probably that’s the reason at the end of season 1 they show Clay trying to strike a conversation with Skye who was his childhood friend and with who he lost contact.

4. There is always a good side to people.

After all the bad the happened to Hanna we can see that some of the people who were on the tapes were not all bad but also had a good side to them (except Courtney, of course!)

Zach was a pretty nice guy, only a few childish acts, made him land up on the tapes, only if he would have been a little more mature the things that happened would not have happened.

Even Justin (even though hated by many) had a dark and sad part of his life which probably was the reason for him to be aggressive in the first place and act out in manners that were not appropriate. The show clearly depicted Justin as a short tempered youngster with many personal family issues.

The bad side

1.Some of the reasons were trivial while the others were not.

Even though, accepted that small things could hurt, humiliate or even destroy people but there were really some very petty things on the list while the others were hugely disturbing and punishable. We just hope there is a season two to finish the undone.

2. Clay taking his own time with the tapes.

Even the most patient person would have gone mad with anxiety and anger watching as clay took his own sweet time finishing the tapes.

Clearly this was not the case in the book as many have stated that Clay Jensen had finished the tapes in merely one night! He took more than four days or probably more considering that the entire season was stretched into thirteen episodes being 56 to 57 minutes each episode. almost an hour!

3. Clay did not deserve  be on the tapes.

Clay was just an innocent kid trying to be a normal teenager , avoiding the wrath of high school who is a shady bitch to everyone. He was always good to Hanna and when we start watching the show with Justin’s tape being on no.1 and  keeping moving down the line with the rest of the tapes, we start to wonder why would clay, such an awkwardly innocent  teenager end up being on a death note of some girl he was always kind to. well even when we reach the 11th  tape (tape 6 side A) which is Clay’s tape, we are still hanging in mid-air when we find no major reason.  Though she does mention the fact that he didn’t deserve to be there. (she could have just made another small set of tapes dedicated to the people who were good to her like Clay and Tony, but no! she just ended up putting clay on the bad set of tapes.) Damn! we kind of feel bad for the squeaky clean imaged kid.

4. Yeah! Jeff did deserve a lot better.