The Starks reunite!

The Starks were not doing very good for themselves since Ned Stark died (Let’s not talk about his death *cries away*)

Sansa has seen a whole lot of marriages and torture of her own. Rob and Catlyn Stark were killed at The Red Wedding. Jon has gone from being the Brother of the nights watch to Lord commander to King In The North. Phew! long list eh?

Arya has been on the road for a while now. From being a boy to being ‘a girl’ and ‘no one’ all at the same time. Talking about these days it’s like having 5 fake facebook accounts all belonging to one person. Plus lets not forget about the list she has.

Bran has been beyond the wall and going to places without actually going to them. His ability will come of use to him further probably.

But now finally The Starks have reunited. First it being Sana and Jon and Now Jon is away to meet Danny and mine Dragonglass. That’s when Bran comes back and so does Arya who makes her way back home only to be welcomed by guards who don’t believe in her true identity and do not allow her into the castle. So the Starks are together but not completely as Jon is away! but hey! He’s not a Stark! On a serious note If Jon would be there with the others That would be like icing to the cake but Game of Thrones is not all simple and very complex and twisted. Why are we expecting simple things to happen? In the world of The Seven Kingdoms anything can happen

  • Crystal Rodrigues




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