Could Bran Stark be warging into a dragon?

Bran was the one to be beyond the wall and saw all the   petrifying white walkers  and knows that they are coming. Now he has to go south of the wall and notify everyone about what is coming for them, since winter is already here.

But him going across the wall, would it bring the wall tumbling down?

Maybe not ‘tumbling  down’ but it might just give the walkers access to go to the other side and back. The wall, as mentioned in the book and TV series, numerous number of times is not just like any other wall, it’s made of magical spells that keeps and has been keeping the walkers out for a really long time. The white walkers are coming, on the other hand Daenerys is coming to claim what is hers, or is it?

With Daenerys making her way through the seas and finally being able to bring her plan of taking over the seven kingdoms into action, the idea of having a little meet with Bran Stark or Jon snow does not really look very far-fetched.

They will be war and we know it. Presumably, the war will be in between Cerscei and Daenerys,  but that wont last too long cause someone’s gotta fight the walkers.

In the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ book series, Daenerys is told in the House of the Undying at Qarth that the Targaryen dragon must have three heads which may also mean three dragon riders.



With Bran being a warg and having the power to warg into animals and creatures it might  possibly be a very clear theory that he may also be able to warg into a dragon and control the massive creature.

Does that mean Bran will be warging into a dragon in the coming future?

maybe, yes.

There is a specific reason that George R.R Martin may have given a power like that to one of the Starks for a specific reason, he may have had a plan or something in mind that he wanted to implement in the future.

Please comment down below about what are your expectations from this coming season, season 7 of Game Of Thrones and do you think that Bran may be able to or will be warging into a dragon?



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