Can Jon Snow be fire resistant?

Game Of thrones has been on everyone’s mind since it started and probably will live for a longer time even after it ends.

With an immensely captivating story and with everyone curious to know exactly what would be the end of this perplex maze we set foot into, there are still a few things that need to happen that we would really enjoy watching.

One of the things for sure many people want to see is our very own Jon Snow being able to do more than he thinks he can, that is probably be resistant to dragon fire.

let’s break it down.

So all we know from the last episode of season 6 is that Jonny boy is none other than¬†Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark’s son and nobody knows that except the very helpless Bran.

So could it be possible that he can come out of dragon fire unharmed?

maybe, may not be. Very honestly the show has always been about plot twists that are out of human imagination and the events that we really don’t anticipate.

There has been a lot of confusion about his name too.

From the very beginning of the show we were led to believe that Lyanna Stark was abducted and taken by Rhaegar Targaryen but there could be a very high possibility that she went with him herself, not exactly making it an abduction.

Now if they got married then Jon Snow is not a ‘Snow’ anymore but to his very usual unfortunate fortune, if they did not get married that leaves him hanging with the name Snow for the rest of his life with not a bit of hope.

But them getting married does not really change the fact that he is a Targaryen and probably might be the mighty unburnt or unburnable (say it as you like it).

We would be really happy with someone else being on command of the dragons or even being able to come out of fire without getting burnt because leaving Danny in charge and fully responsible for the dragons makes us kind of nervous considering the fact that she has killed a lot of people.

This is just one of our most favorite presumption for season 7 of Game Of Thrones, if this theory of Jon Snow being resistant does happen how do you think would it happen?

Please comment down below about what are your expectations from this coming season, season 7 of Game Of Thrones and how would the news of Jon being a Targaryen be broken to him? How would he find out and from whom?



2 thoughts on “Can Jon Snow be fire resistant?

  1. Jon is probably not fireproof. On the show, his hand was burned when he grabbed a lamp to throw on the wight that came to attack Lord Commander Mormont. The show hasn’t played up that fact so much, but it’s a much larger deal in the books where Jon’s hand pains him as it slowly heals throughout the second book.

    That’s not saying that he isn’t a Targaryen. Targaryens did die in dragonfire, and Viserys was not immune to heat, since his brain was cooked in a golden shell.

    Dany seems to be more of an exception with her heat-resistance.

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    1. We know the fact that not all Targaryen’s are Fire proof because Viserys was killed by Khal Drogo in a golden shell just as you said.
      But we don’t think that Danny might be completely fire proof either cause there are a few instances in the book where her hands were burnt. George R.R. Martin himself said that Daenerys probably is not fire proof all the time. So that could be the case with Jon Snow too. Thank-you for your input. ūüėĄ

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