The Trojan war 🐎

Greek mythology is a bunch of stories put together about the Gods and Goddesses and the heroes  that belong to the ancient Greeks. It was a religion in ancient Greece. These tales and legends are always very  fascinating and are really old with being about more than a thousand years of age .

The only thing that Greek Mythology does not answer is whether all the legends really did happen or are they, just as we call them ‘fables’ that has no truth to them, or do they?

Lets talk about one of the most famous stories of all time ‘The Trojan War’ a war that lasted for almost 10 years. The war is famous for a lot of reasons and characters like Achilles , Helen, Paris and hector only to name a few.

The war as stated by some, started due to the golden apple dropped down by Eris, the Goddess of discord. But,according to the others it just a very plane story that Helen was abducted by Paris or was she?

There are a lot of writers and poets who have their own say about what happened. But the very first person to bring about this story was Homer a poet who actually wrote a poem (A really long poem! ) and called it  the ‘Iliad’ and that was the very first time that the happenings and stories of Trojan war had seen the light of the day.

But our speech about good old Homer who illustrated the Trojan war  does not end here. There is a tiny bit of confusion, if Homer was the first poet to write about the Trojan war and before that literally no one ever knew about Trojan war then how did even he find about about something no one knew about? and let’s not forget the fact that he was blind!

Was he present during the Trajan war?

Was someone who he knew very well present during the Trojan war?

Or is it just a fictitious tale that is made up by the poet in his mind?

Now lets get down to the math!

Trojan war took place somewhere in between 1260–1180 BC.

And Homer was born in between 12th and 8th centuries BC.

Now the difference in between these years  is roughly 1000 years.

So basically what we are trying to say is that, the Trojan War happened 1000 years before Homer was even born. So how would he know if something like this even took place with no one else knowing about it and no documents or writings about the event?

How would he know of something that happened  long before he was born? and clearly no one else knew about it as well so there is no way that someone told him about it.

Some people believe that Homer traveled a lot and he heard songs that were apparently sung about these heroes and the Gods and the war itself. He heard a lot of songs that were all just pieces of the story. Each song had small piece in itself. Good old Homer was clever enough to put 2 and 2 together, and get the entire story piece by piece and put them together to formulate this long war narrative. The songs seemingly were sung thousands of years ago during the war to appreciate the heroes and the Gods and these songs were carried along with the generations gone by and thus Homer being one of them to have heard it.

They say that if you ever visit certain places where homer lived you will still get to hear the songs even to this day.

We want to know your opinions.

How do you think homer found out about the Trojan war?

it really by the songs he heard or was it a mere story he made up?


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