Everything You Have To Know About Riverdale.

Riverdale is an American show based on the characters created and portrayed by the Archie Comics.

The show gets its name ‘Riverdale’ from the town Archie and his friends live in.


The story line of Riverdale starts with a narrative voice that we later learn belongs to Jughead. The show starts on a mysterious note based on the murder of a boy named Jason Blossom and everyone is a suspect.

Just about everyone seems to be having  something to hide or has some fishy business going on that peep out as unusual.



Jughead our favorite character is the only one with a straight head trying to chalk things out and make head or tail out of the stories that all seem to be connected to one thing that is Jason’s murder. (and yes! that is Cole Sprouse and he is awesome!) There is a moment or two when we really feel very sentimental and emotional for Jughead when he has nowhere to go or is stuck in the middle of a situation which he is not responsible for. Jughead is always looking out for people and wants no one to be hurt but the ill-fated Juggy ends up getting hurt himself by strangers or even by his own friends and family (the time his father made promises and did not keep his word or the time when he called his mother up for some help and she instantly refused and tuned him down) At the end we see that Archie and Betty have his back. Even though he was upset with them, he very quickly forgives them even though they hurt him pretty bad.


Archie who is another main character seems to be living a normal teenage life. He in the beginning of the show is seen trying to juggle football and his new found love for music which his father detests at first but later reconciles seeing that his skills are pretty good at the guitar after all.

We were expecting Archie to be a more active sleuthster playing along with jughead trying to fish facts out and working together on connecting stories but to our dismay he is very passive and is not seen taking a lot of interest, It is only at the very end that he begins to show a little interest. while most of the time its only Jughead and Betty who seem to be wearing their thinking caps.


Betty is the girl next door kind of person who is very plain.At the very beginning we see that she is obsessed and in love with Archie (but Archie apparently does not like her ‘like that’) later we see Betty develops feelings for Jughead  ( we love the couple and never want it to end) Betty is a nice lovable girl who cares for everyone and sometimes just SOMETIMES the timid Betty takes a stand for herself.


Another main character is veronica that is also seen very often and seems to be quiet nice to everyone (Cheryl blossom included) and is seen frequently with Betty. Veronica also has her own stories and issues with her parents and has a hard time coping with being the new girl at school and trying to figure out the uncanny things her father may or may not have done. The thoughts about her fathers’ doings alone send the poor teenager into a trauma. Because her father (even though not seen through out the season) has done some really menacing things in the past.

Apart from Archie, Jughead, Betty, veronica and Cheryl blossom you will get to see many characters that are in the basic Archie comics.

The stories that you see in the comics don’t exactly match up to the show and even the character sketches that are supposed to be portrayed by the show in accordance with the comics are not very similar either.

For example the comics illustrate very comprehensibly that Jughead is a lazy teenager who is known to perpetrate his work at minimum efforts and is very widely known for his huge appetite. but Riverdale Jughead is an intelligent, hardworking, fast moving and a very witty young man and can be seen only sipping on coffee rather than ravishing burgers. The one thing in common in between the comic book Jughead and the TV series Jughead is the trademark beanie that the character wears. But we love this new version of Jughead.  There are a lot of little changes that you may find in several other characters.


Overall it’s a good show and is doing fairly well. If you are someone who likes mystery and who is penchant towards teenagers wearing the same trademark beanie and orange headed people then let us warn you that its all on Riverdale.



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